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The Unwelcome Diagnosis

Written by Editorial Staff

Five First Steps

Your approach to your health is not limited – not by your doctor’s choices, your diagnosis, or your prognosis.

An unwelcome diagnosis is one of the pivotal points of our lives. The challenge is huge. Here are five supportive ideas for your immediate response.

  1. Choose who to tell. Select those who are grounded and care for you.
  2. Acknowledge that this is traumatic. Bad news about our bodies can cause a range of physical, emotional and spiritual reactions. Get help for the trauma, whether it is a friend, a therapist or a caring support group.
  3. Be selective about your research. Limit your web research to reputable sites, both mainstream and alternative. Also follow up on other stories of how individuals handled their diagnosis.
  4. Explore your options. If your insurance covers it, find out the best place to be treated. Ask your doctor, “If this was you, what would you do?”
  5. Record your doctors’ visits on your phone or other device. It is easy to miss what is said when the news is not good. Take a friend or relative if possible. Bring a list of your questions, allergies, medications.

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