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Self Health
A Radical Approach

Written by Lissa Reidel

If you are accustomed to mainstream medicine only, this site will bring you dispatches from other worlds: the worlds of alternative medicine and self healing. Self Health is motivated by the great divide between mainstream medicine and alternative medicine. Its goal is to be subversive: to re-examine the dominant paradigm of expensive, unnecessary medical procedures and pharmaceutical profit. It provides strategies for navigating the medical system.  And it offers alternatives that include simpler, often ancient ways of eating.

A Self Health approach seeks new strategies, resources, approaches, alternatives, support, ideas, and therapies. There are approaches that do not have the side effects of western medicine, like homeopathic remedies. Helix101 explores approaches to our bodies that go back hundreds of years: yoga, qigong, meditation, visualization. It will access the wisdom of indigenous cultures. And it will point the way to communities and resources that can support your quest and your health.

A new understanding of the role of diet in our health. A new role for technology in supporting your personal growth. An understanding of how meditation actually transforms our brains. A new appreciation of nature and our need for it.

Just as Selfies, in the last few years, have allowed us to see ourselves in new ways over and over again, transforming the way we relate to ourselves, self health can transform the way we relate to our health. Selfhealth enables us to view our bodies, our futures, and our well-being in new ways

Selfhealth is a departure and in many ways a rejection of the mainstream way of looking at our bodies, our minds, and our health.

And while Selfhealth takes back our dependence on the medical care system, it implements a new kind of delegating, from technology like fitness trackers pill trackers and reminders, and managers to an array of alternative treatments, smart drugs, new habits, mindbody alternatives, and ancient approaches to well-being.

Parts of Selfhealth have been roundly rejected by mainstream medical practitioners who said that homeopathic and herbal remedies are useless and new approaches like medical marijuana are unwarranted. It is been slowed down by pharmaceutical companies who can’t make a profit on supplements that have been used by herbalist for centuries, it comes with the prejudiced toward witches, with the misogyny directed toward women authorities, and the fear that medical authorities will lose that homage they have so carefully cultivated.

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