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Quarantine: For Each Other and Our World Community

I have decided to move into a voluntary self-distancing period here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am taking precautions to protect the health of those around me and myself due to the most current information being released by epidemiologists worldwide now declaring a global pandemic. I am not moving out of fear, but out of care and concern for those around me as well as friends and family near and far.

If I need to go out to the store I’m doing so at ‘low’ times, early morning and late evening. I will be exploring the possibility of setting up online Qigong classes via zoom offered by donation in the coming weeks. I am abstaining from community practice space and putting my bodywork practice on hold until we are clear of the escalation period of CV19.

I am taking time to slow down, be in nature & personal practice, read, work on creative projects and be in touch with family and friends. I fully recognize not everyone can do this, but I feel STRONGLY those of us who can need to for the protection of elder populations, those that are immunocompromised, socially marginalized, and for our health care workers, their families, and our health facilities.

I will also say the most recent reports coming out of Italy are reporting patients in their 40’s and 50’s in severe condition with the virus, so the ‘high risk’ range of people may be far broader than we realize.

I also realize the financial concern for all of our communities. If we look at what is happening in Italy, Iran, South Korea and China, clearly if we take proactive measures at beginning stages we are far better off than waiting til the numbers of infected are so escalated that our healthcare facilities are completely overwhelmed and therefore all businesses shut down.

May we all stay informed, engaged and centered in our body and minds for the health of each other and our world community.

“The majority of coronavirus infections may be spread by people who have recently caught the virus and have not yet begun to show symptoms,” scientists have found.

An analysis of infections in Singapore and Tianjin in China revealed that two-thirds and three-quarters of people respectively appear to have caught it from others who were incubating the virus but still symptom-free.”

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