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Helix101 is targeted to an intelligent, sophisticated audience, curious about alternative approaches. We welcome original articles from healers, coaches, teachers, authors, app developers and others. Please be sure your content has not appeared elsewhere on the web.

Our preferred length is 350-500 words. If you would like to explore a subject more deeply, consider writing a two part series. Each article should stand alone.

Be sure to describe the health approach. If it is a treatment, consider describing what the client/patient experiences. Quotes from a client, historical source or practitioner bring the experience home.

Use your own images or be completely sure your images are in the public domain. Great image sources are Wikipedia, Wikimedia, Pixabay, Unsplash, and other public domain image sites. You can also use Advanced Search in Google image search. Scroll down to usage rights and highlight ‘free to use or share.’

Write an Article that is Easy to Read

Address readers directly—use the word you.
Use short sentences and short paragraphs – four sentences max.
Reread and take out unnecessary words, especially adverbs.
Avoid jargon, the passive voice, and needless repetition.
Use spell check, proofread carefully and check your grammar. Read your article aloud to catch awkward phrasing.
Use short article formats such as the how-to, tips list, question-answer, problem-solutions and interview. Utilize headings, easy steps, and numbered lists.
Include practical, valuable information in your copy.
Do research and/or draw from your knowledge and experience to illustrate. Meet your reader’s need for practical information and connect with their emotion.
Include a Call to Action, such as “Don’t live with pain.” “Find an exercise buddy to motivate you.”

Inspire Your Reader With Ideas and Approaches – Here are examples:

You can harness your body’s innate self-healing.
Heal Migraines with Essential Oils
Forge a new path toward health and well-being
Five Yoga Postures to Shift Your Body Out of Pain
You can be both pain free and drug free.
Empower Your Reader
Discard limiting perceptions and embrace a new vision of health
Chi – The Healing Energy You Can Access Anytime, Anywhere
How Yoga Targets Anxiety and Depression
A new, 5 step approach to Giving Up Smoking
Set Your First Milestones to Heal a Chronic Condition
Overcome the limitations of a diagnosis
Baby Steps – a new, more effective way to change your eating

Write Directly to your reader, using imperatives and questions.

Now is the time to Walk Out of Depression
Do you want to be pain-free?
Are you searching for a way to be vibrantly healthy?

Use Lists to Outline and Emphasize Action

Ten Reasons to Try Acupuncture
Ten Herbs to take instead of Common Prescriptions
Pain Free in Four Visits
It Works – Five Reasons Pharmaceutical Companies are Targeting Homeopathy
Five Tips for strengthening your immune system


Patient Success Stores are Like Referrals – They reassure the reader that they can change.
Share inside information
Patients Talk about Their Healing Coaches
Share unusual historic anecdotes and stories

Email Your Ideas

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