Helix101 is about the choices available to us, the mastery we can exercise over our body and mind, the emerging approaches we can harness to grow and change, at any age. It is about intuition, our personal journey and inner knowing. Change comes from within… at first a whisper, then a question, and finally an imperative.  SelfHealth guides us in inner knowing and decision making, especially about our lives and health.

Helix101 features the unique voices, messages and modalities of alternative healers and facilitates the connection between our readers and healers. The original articles of healers across the spectrum of alternative and mainstream health offer a 360 degree view of the possibilities open to you on your own healing path.

The helix, the basic building block of DNA, contains in it both our past and our future. It reaches back into distant history, revealing our ancestry for generations. And within its structure it contains  possibilities for our body’s future: for illness and health, for well-being, for breaking through the barriers that we perceive holding us back. The helix is part – but not all – of our past and future destiny. You are the only one with your DNA. It is distinct.

This site does not diagnose or prescribe, but offers strategies, resources, approaches, alternatives, support, ideas, and therapies.

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Lissa Reidel, Editor


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