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12 Steps to Changing a Habit

Written by Editorial Staff

Transcend Your Legacy System

In business, a legacy system is an outdated software, attitude or rule that prevents innovation and change. We have legacy systems in our own lives too. Often, we have not stopped to evaluate the everyday habits, thought patterns, negative influences, unnecessary anxieties, and toxic friendships that hold us back. These 12 tips will help you create a strategy to do the thing you’ve wanted to do.

  1. Work on one habit at a time.
  2. Visualize yourself and your life without this habit
  3. Replace an old habit with a new one. If you habitually eat chips, stock up on carrots and celery. If you are giving up smoking, get cough drops, pickle slices, bubbles, to distract you. If you want to wean yourself from television, have provocative and entertaining books and magazines to replace it. Or schedule a walk with a friend during your tv time, after dinner, when you normally migrate to the couch.
  4. Eliminate triggers and rearrange your life to support your change. Toss the chips, or cigarette packs. Or unplug the television, so you can’t just grab the remote.
  5. Write to yourself! Leave yourself notes where you will need a reminder.
  6. Do it as a 30 day challenge.
  7. Create your support system. Who among your friends and acquaintances will cheer you on? Who has done something similar and can offer support?
  8. Identify your obstacles, things the tempt you, people who derail you. Make a list of those things that stand in the way of  being the person you want to be.
  9. Plan to reward yourself often. In the evening, light a candle, arrange a flower in a vase and have a cup of tea or glass of wine. Feed your birds and watch their interaction. Download a new app on your phone and play. If you are tempted to indulge in your old habit, call the right friend who can help you.
  10. Find a wonderful book about your challenge and read it for company. Or surf the web for stories of people who have met your challenge.
  11. Be aware of your thoughts. If thoughts come up that don’t support you, create a visualization to dispose of them: a magic wand to wave them away, an avalanche to bury them, a cursor to delete them. I have an internal jerkometer who evicts negative thoughts out of my mind.
  12. Expect setbacks and don’t let them be the end of your effort.


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